Why use Aphirm?

As you may be aware, CDC has announced that support for STD*MIS 4.2 systems ended on April 1, 2016. This means that as updates occur to NETSS and HIV Partner Services Data Elements, STD*MIS remains at version 4.2. Because of this, at some point you may not be able to transmit all required data elements for reporting purposes.

Even setting that point aside, Aphirm features many unique benefits that will change the way you think about data collection!

Graph Database

Aphirm is unique because it utilizes a graph database. This not only increases the speed at which you can view and input data, but also provides a way to visually depict the relationships of clients, paths of infection, risk connections, and more. This gives you the opportunity to gather more valuable insight and be proactive with testing and treatment regimens. Click here to learn more about graph database technology.

Visual Network - Index
Visual Network - Partner with Disposition
Visual Network - Partner, Index in other case(s)

Client focus

Aphirm combines disparate data requirements and diagnoses into rich, client-centered profiles—making the connections you need to gain deeper insights into your populations.

Case Management

Aphirm provides a platform for traditional case follow-up. We are initially focusing on STDs, but it will soon be axpanding to other communicable diseases such as hepatitis and tuberculosis. Having a case management deature provides users an opportunity to ensure that all parties to a client are tested and/or treated for any given infection.

Client Overview
Client Details
Case Overview
Field Record
Interview Record
Assigned Records

Specialized Modules

Because of the flexibility of the platform on which Aphirm is built, specialized modules can be added easily. Want to collect outreach data via cell phone? Stay in touch with specific clients via text message reminders? Record locations of drug use hotbeds using geolocation with the tap of a button? These are all possible with Aphirm. Let us know your needs and we can make it happen! Click here to learn how you can share your ideas.


Evaluate medication adherence while capturing nationwide data collection on PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV), identify clients who are currently taking PrEP, and when they accepted PrEP referral.

Client Intake Form

Allow clients to enter their own demographic and/or risk information on a mobile device, phone, or tablet. This can help streamline the data entry process and reduce staff workload. Furthermore, studies show that when an individual is given the opportunity to record their own risk information, they tend to be more forthcoming than when the information is collected by a third party.

Client Intake

Reduced data entry burden

Aphirm supports data import from many popular data systems, including HL7. In addition, Aphirm utilizes "fuzzy matching" to present users with potential matches to existing clients from these incoming HL7 files. The software creates a list of clients and the user can compare the information to judge if two clients are the same or note. This helps eliminate duplicity of clients in the system, while reducing manual data entry.

File List
File Preview
Potential Matches
View Potential Matches
Compare Matches

Safe and secure

Aphirm complies with CDC’s Data Security and Confidentiality Guidelines. With flexible permissions, you can ensure that only those who need to see your data can see it—even when multiple agencies collaborate.

Data Restricted
Locked Account

Modern Technology

Whether you're on a desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device, Aphirm can detect and respond to whatever you're using. HTML5 and Javascript provide dependable performance across all types and sizes of devices. This makes for a convenient, optimized experience, no matter where you are or what you need to accomplish. Importing files, entering data, viewing charts, loading reports, and much more are all simple to do and consistently accessible.